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Free Personal Finance Management Software Being Thrived On: By angela

Nowadays, it is considered to be a complete misconception that there is a requirement of a financial management software if a business is owned or if there are multiple sources of income to be tracked on. This is because anyone earning money and spending them is bound to benefit from having free personal finance management software to depend on for their personal accounting needs.

The notion of whatever is considered free is most likely below par, is regarded to be another misconception. This is because in the case of free personal finance management software, open-source or freeware solutions exist which are usually web-based, that work as competently and instinctively like the other financial management software. Here, one needs to think how to choose and which one to choose for application to the requirements. It is important to seek top tips from most of the IT experts, who elucidate that it pays to read every software reviews every time, including those performing financial management tasks. These tips in the form of reviews frequently appear on the desktops and IT magazines, as well as on technological websites.

The functionalities and features of this software also have to be compared. If it is required to choose between a complex suite of financial management software and the vital one mechanizing the most common processes, the best option is to choose the basic one, especially if one is going for using the software for tracking speculation assortment. But in every case, a software will be required that is able to support such types of compound connections. Comparisons are also required for planning budget-making modules of the obtainable software, along-with their capacity of tracking tax-related monetary issues.

Doing billing, payroll and invoicing would be added advantages for the free personal finance management software. With the free personal finance management software, one can access financial health score. The software also detects financial position according to the information provided, and discloses the financial position of the individual. The free personal finance management software is programmed to provide scores in the financial areas and also provides necessary advice for amendments. The free personal finance management software provides relevant advices for all personal finances that are considered to be exceptional and matter-of-fact.
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You Are About to Fire Your Financial Advisor!

The number one fear of the public used to be public speaking but that fear has been replaced. The new fear has become out living ones money in retirement. This fear was more realized after 2008, when the old strategy of buy and hold and diversification was thrown out the window when people saw their portfolios drop by thirty to fifty percent in just a few months. For example if you had saved up five hundred thousand dollars you could of seen your portfolio drop to three hundred and twenty-five thousand or worse two hundred and fifty thousand in less than one year. The problem is that most people still have their money in the same types of investments that lost them all of their money just a few years ago. Most people think the financial storm has passed but that's just not true. Have you seen oil prices lately or been to the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk or ice cream. Food prices have shot up thirty to sixty percent depending on the department. One of the reasons stated that Egypt was in such turmoil was the drastic rise in food prices that seemed to happen overnight along with high unemployment. If you do any research on why food prices shot up drastically in the Middle East you will find that the cause of high food prices leads back to the mortgage collapse in two thousand eight. The Band Aid solution was for the Federal Reserve which is not a government institution. Decided to just print more money and more money, then to give all of that money for free to the banks calling it a bail out, now the banks were strong on paper again and their stock prices shot up. The CEO's of these large banks were now able to take a large bonus for the great job they had done at making money for their financial institutions. Then banks decided not to loan out this money like they were supposed to, all they did was buy T Bills that were again printed by the Federal Reserve for a profit. So the Federal Reserve gives the biggest banks in the world free money and then creates notes Federal Reserve notes for them to buy at a profit to the banks. Then again the banks post a profit on Wall Street and their stock prices soar. Bank of America for example made more money in fees then they made in loans in two thousand nine, these fees were fees like overdraft protection, credit card charges. Not lending money.

So why should you care about banks making money out of nothing and food riots in other countries or why it started in the first place. Well the first reason is you have to look at the price of oil and how that affects your gas price, and you also have to notice your grocery bill has been steadily increasing over the last year. Most people don't take notice until things have gotten so bad there is not much you can do about it, but today you can do something about it. We can vote the right people into office that will stop the madness of big government bail outs, and the devaluing of our dollar by running the printing presses none stop. If we don't vote with common sense, meaning that you vote for those who believe that government will not solve our problems and it must be drastically smaller than we can solve this problem, but if we don't there is not much anyone can do to stop the financial suicide that is coming in just a few short years if not sooner to America.

So what happens if you do everything you can but the government does not shrink in size the money printers keep printing more and more money, how are you supposed to protect yourself? The answer is different than most people think, its insurance, used as an investment vehicle. This is not your grandparents insurance though this is equity index universal life insurance that has averaged over eight percent the last four years. The worst four years of the stock market in history. The whole time the money was tax free, that's the equivalent of getting a twelve to fourteen percent return in the market. Some years you can get as much as a thirteen percent return, still all tax free, and you can fund these accounts with as much money as you want, no matter how much money you make. You never have to take any money out if you never want to, unlike other accounts in which the government requires you to start taking money out at seventy and a half. Plus the money comes out completely tax- free; this is the most important part because you do not know what taxes will be in the future. I predict taxes will be higher. What do you think?

So the question is, do you trust your fellow citizens to vote in people who will make the government smaller year in and year out? Do you trust the Federal Reserve to stop printing money? Do you trust the Government to keep your taxes in the future the same or lower? If you answered no to any of these questions then you need the strategy I just talked about equity index universal life insurance. Your money is one hundred percent protected to never lose another penny, and grow tax free at an amazing high rate of return. For example whole life insurance vs. equity index universal life insurance, which both have their purposes? Whole life is more for one hundred percent guaranteed rate of return. These returns are around three to five percent per year every year. Equity Index Universal Life Insurance returns are seven percent on average, but are not guaranteed like Whole Life policies. You can never lose any of your money in either policies but there different policies for different people and where they are in their life. You should always talk to your financial advisor to make sure any one of these policies are right for you but if they have never heard of them or state they are a waste of time then you should get a second opinion. Your kids will thank you in your golden years.

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